Honeywell / Elster Smart Electrical
Water And Gas Meters

Honeywell / Elster appointed Pinnaculum as their distributors and technical partners for the range of Smart Metering products.

Honeywell / Elster are a renowned range of Smart Meters for and throughout the world (an electrical networks being one of two preferred meters used by Eskom). Many large utilities and industrial consumers have incorporated the Honeywell Smart Meters into the network to achievement monitoring of their energy usage.

Honeywell Will Continue To Introduce New Products To Our Market This Year With Increased Features And Benefits To Their Offer.


Regarding the distribution network, multiple municipalities like City of Cape Town, Kwa-Dukuza Municipality and Msunduzi Municipality, to mention a few, use Honeywell Elster Meters for their consumers, ranging from their high energy users, down to their single-phase residential users.

Industrial And Commercial

Finally, down to the industrial and commercial users; they have an extensive range of meters to monitor different production lines and/ or energy use areas. Companies like Eskom, Clover Sa, Sun International, Feltex and Albany Bakeries use Honeywell Elster Meters to record and monitor their energy usage.

Metering Products

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